Mountain Biking in Oakridge

The City of Oakridge is known as the Mountain Biking Capital of the Northwest and for good reason. There are literally hundreds of miles of single track paradise on well maintained trails in the forests surrounding the city. Mountain biking is so much a part of the Oakridge/Westfir community that the International Mountain Biking Association chose Oakridge as one of six locations in the U.S. for an IMBA Ride Center. Area mountain bike racing events include the Cascade Cream Puff 100 billed by many as the hardest one day race in the USA,the Fall classic Fat 55 endurance races, and MBO. Whether you’re looking for easy beginner or advanced riding this is the place. See Bike, Sporting Goods, and Mountain Biking Under Member Directory for more leads about this growing sport.

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Alpine Trail

Alpine Trail – The Crown Jewel. Smooth and fast, with breathtaking panoramic views. Once you hit the trail, there is a little work with 3 climbs of no more then 1 mile at a time scattered though out the trail, some minor technical, and then it’s all downhill! Lots of loops and offshoot options including; Tire Mt, Cloverpath, North Fork and more.

Larison Creek Trail

Larison Creek – Technical single-track, particularly at the top. The Creek ride is the perfect test of skill and courage. Extreme switchbacks, exposed roots, and stream crossings are a few of the challenges. About halfway down, it opens up and lets you ride, almost continually.

Larison Rock – Technical due to it’s speed and exposure. Fun, short, and quick, with patches of technical. The trail winds down the hills over Oakridge. Although mostly smooth and fast, it slows down for some steep narrows and tight spots.

Heckle Tooth Trail

Heckle Tooth –The 20-mile loop climbs for six-miles before you enter the trail, a speed zone through the rolling hills and generous switchbacks. The 35-mile loop adds elevation plus climbing. Steep climbs reward you with a ride down the edge of the mountains. The 50-miler is a rider’s ride – tight, technical switchbacks and obstacles reward the extra climb. Not for the weak!

Salmon Creek Falls

Salmon Creek – A beautiful ride up the river to the Salmon Creek Falls. This flat trail runs right outside Oakridge and includes a variety of local points of interest along the ride. There are no hills or obstacles. A straight round trip is about 12 miles. For a harder Option: Cross the Salmon Creek Bridge for rolling hills with some technical patches. Gain some vertical with a trip up Dead Mountain then back on the Flat Creek Trail.


Hiking near Oakridge

The Oakridge Westfir Area is surrounded by the Willamette National Forest, and as such it has some of the most awe-inspiring hiking anywhere. Whether you're looking for an easy stroll along the Willamette River or Salmon Creek ,a steep climb up Larison Rock this is the place for your enjoyment. Favorites include the interpretive trail that can be accessed from the Fish Hatchery (easy), Buckhead Nature Trail (wheelchair accessible), Salmon Creek Trail (moderate) and the Deception Creek Trail (advanced). Visit the forest service offices or Download the PDF of the Chamber's visitor guide for more information.