Salt Creek Falls

There are hundreds for forest roads to explore on the Willamette National Forest that surrounds Oakridge. Maps are available at the Middle Fork Ranger District and a variety of local businesses.

A favorite paved route for scenic drivers is the Oakridge/McKenzie/Bend/Cascade loop (see below map):

This amazing ride includes rivers, waterfalls, lakes and much more, plus much of the ride is on very low traffic roads.

The ride starts in Oakridge, from there head to Westfir (3 miles away) and get on the Aufderheide Scenic Byway (Forest Service RD 19) ride on the Aufderheide for 56 miles until you reach HWY 126 at McKenzie Bridge, follow 126 until you reach HWY 242 The Old McKenzie HWY Pass, ride 242 into Sisters…ride from Sisters to Bend, once in Bend get on Century Drive, Century becomes the Cascade Lake HWY, follow it until it intersects with the Davis Lake cut off Rd, once there head towards HWY 58 and then follow HWY 58 back to Oakridge.

Another low traffic route is the newly paved route between Oakridge and Cottage Grove.

Take HWY 58 east and turn off on the Hill Creek Res exit, drive one mile and turn onto Diamond Blv (Forest Service RD 21) drive a couple miles and then turn onto Larison Rock RD (Forest Service RD 2102) follow the pavement…DO NOT follow the signs to Cottage Grove, as they have not been changed for the new paved route…just watch for pavement at junctions, there is only one paved route.

Some roads not maintained for winter travel.
*Some roads not maintained for winter travel.