GOATS Host Volunteer Extravaganza

Posted by katie on January 25, 2013

Approximately fifty people attended the GOATS Volunteer Extravaganza, held at the Brewers Union Local 180 Brew Pub in Oakridge, Wednesday night, January 16. The event was a volunteer appreciation party and was organized by GOATS, The Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards, local Oakridge Chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association. Derrick Bell, Volunteer Coordinator and Board of Directors member brought the idea to the board a few months ago and the board voted unanimously to create the event.

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Bus then Bike

Posted by katie on April 22, 2013

Story appeared in Eugene Weekly Newspaper: http://www.eugeneweekly.com/20130418/lead-story/bus-then-bike. Author: Michelle Naidoo

One of the pleasures of living in Eugene is the accessibility of the outdoors and recreation within a relatively short distance. As an enthusiastic cyclist, I am always intrigued with the many possibilities for outdoor rides in our own backyard. One such opportunity is the Aufderheide Memorial Drive in our own backyard; this magical 63-mile ride is accessible via public transportation, and for $5 and a little pedaling you can experience a unique ride through pristine wilderness and old growth, surrounded by the sounds of nature, the smell of the forest and your own awe at the beauty of it all. 

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