Welcome to Oakridge

Oakridge is the "Center of Oregon Recreation" and the "Mountain Biking Capital of the Northwest." Located at the foot of the western slopes of the Cascade Mountains, Oakridge is in the center of one of the best recreational areas in the state and is just 45 minutes east of Eugene, the state's third largest city and home of the University of Oregon and Lane Community College. "Above the fog and below the snow," the city has a reputation as a place where the sun shines at least once nearly every day.

We invite you to explore our community. There's much more than first meets the eye. You'll find quaint motels, restaurants to suit almost any taste, wonderful arts and crafts, and more. To get here from I-5, simply take the Highway 58 exit and head east. Whether you visit Downtown, along Hwy 58; or Uptown, left at Crestview, you're sure to see something interesting and inspiring in Oakridge.

Visitors to Oakridge can enjoy a vast variety of recreational opportunities. The city is surrounded by the Willamette National Forest.  This scenic wonderland features campgrounds and picnic areas and over 500 miles of hiking and biking trails. The area is known for birding, wildflowers and sports of every kind.

Fishing near Oakridge

For those who enjoy fishing, some of the best trout fishing can be found on the Middle Fork of the Willamette River which flows right by Oakridge on its way down to the Willamette Valley floor. More excellent fishing and boating can be enjoyed on nearby mountain lakes and reservoirs. In addition, you'll find equestrian trails, waterfalls, hot springs and rock climbing. Those who enjoy winter sports will be happy to know there is skiing and snowboarding only 30 miles to the east. If you like to recreate with a motor we even have special motorcycle and snowmobile trails. Be sure to pick up one of our visitor maps at any Chamber business to discover the sport area that suits you best.

The Oakridge Hostel

Real estate is a bargain in Oakridge. Mountain scenic views and riverfront locations are surprisingly affordable! And because we are surrounded by National Forest lands, the town can never grow too big. However, real estate values are rising and will generally increase as we are discovered by more families seeking a beautiful place to live, do business, and recreate.

Our schools are excellent. They consistently rank high in all testing and Oakridge High School was recently named as one of the best in the country by U.S. News and World Report. Small class sizes, well-educated teachers and a community committed to supporting the schools make for disciplined, well-prepared students.

If you're interested in doing business in Oakridge the city has a variety of programs to help you succeed. Free business coaching, enterprise zone status, low cost land in our industrial park, and other incentives are available.

Come on up and visit us! For more information please contact us at: 541-782-2258